Sigma Kappa

Letter from the Chapter

Letter from the Chapter

Hello from Cardinal Country!


We would like to welcome you to our website, and give you a little look inside the Gamma Eta chapter here at Ball State University. As a tight group of sisters we focus on our core values: friendship, personal growth, community service, and loyalty. We foster these values by creating meaningful workshops, events, and other activities for our members to participate in.


On campus, Sigma Kappa Gamma Eta is one of 11 chapters recognized by the PanHellenic Association. The Greek community here is one to be celebrated due to the large emphasis put on unity. Every chapter thrives in this environment that encourages support and friendship from one another.


Gamma Eta sisters can be found preparing for our Ultra Violet Gala that raises money for the Sigma Kappa Foundation. Because community service is one of our core values, members also spend a large amount of their time volunteering together in the Muncie community working on different service projects. Throughout this website you find an abundance of pictures and more information on how sisters spend their time in Sigma Kappa.


We encourage you to take a look around, and let us know if you have any questions at all or are interested in becoming a member.


Love in Sigma Kappa,

The sisters of the Gamma Eta chapter at Ball State University 




Make sure and check out Ball State's Fall recruitment information if you are interested in formal recruitment! Also follow our Sigma Kappa Gamma Eta social media accounts for any information about Spring recruitment events and information. 

We would love to get to know you!